Our Stories

Women of Worth

Once a week, women from a variety of nations gather at OASIS for snacks, activities, and studies that focus on how to live a meaningful life. The women develop friendships and encourage each other. By mixing fun with serious life issues, leaders help the women learn to adjust to their new reality. The women say, "This is my family and I am happy here… I learn from friends from different cultures… It has built my self-confidence." Another woman explained how a lesson on forgiveness completely changed her so that she was able to forgive after decades of hurt.

Volunteers have organized meetings for refugee expectant mothers to educate them about prenatal care and delivery as well as baby care. They make themselves available to accompany them to the hospital for labor and delivery. Kamila, an expectant mother from Africa, was going through a long and difficult labor. She was so relieved to have one of our volunteers with her. As her labor continued, more volunteers arrived to pray with Kamila, walk with her, rub her back, and sing.

The doctors decided that the baby would have to be delivered by Cesarean. Our volunteers were disappointed but Kamila signed the consent forms. After she was taken to surgery, the volunteers began to pray that it would be possible for the baby to be born naturally. After Kamila returned to her room, the volunteers asked to see her incision. Kamila looked surprised and exclaimed, "No, no cut! See?" as she lifted her gown to show there was no Cesarean. The baby was so near to being born that it only took one push from Kamila for a natural delivery. Even the hospital staff was grateful for the OASIS volunteers who helped Kamila through her labor for a normal delivery.

Mother Care Group

OASIS Covid-19 Response

The Covid-19 lockdown in Cyprus was a stressful and frightening time for our beneficiaries. OASIS had to close the center, but staff and volunteers remained active in the lives of the people we serve. We are able to deliver 100 bags of food every other week.

OASIS volunteers and local churches were determined to communicate to the beneficiaries that they are not forgotten. One team of volunteers purchased food, filled bags and delivered the bags. Another team phoned each person on the food list to verify their address, to ask how they are doing, and to offer to pray for them. All of this has been happening because of community involvement.

"Hello, this is Mamah -, one of your beneficiaries. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to OASIS in Larnaca, Cyprus for seeing me through this lockdown. Thank you so much for your sacrifices to me and the rest of the needy. May God Almighty richly bless you all…"